About Us

The mission of Skill QUEST is to lift working adults out of poverty into family living wage careers through education. We do this through a multifaceted sponsorship/workforce intermediary program tailored to the unique circumstances of each individual and designed to assure the highest likelihood of multigenerational success. Our vision is a future in which every person has access to the highest quality education to develop their full potential at affordable costs.

Chartered in Texas as a nonprofit corporation in 2012, Skill QUEST took over the operations of QUEST:Dallas/Collin, a 2010 expansion project of Project QUEST, Inc. in San Antonio, Texas (http://www.ProjectQUEST.org) started with JET funds from the State of Texas. Skill QUEST is an outgrowth of the ongoing institutionally based community organizing efforts of Dallas Area Interfaith (http://www.DallasAreaInterfaith.org) responding to the needs of the Dallas area community.

Fall 2015 Graduates

Our Fall 2015 Graduates are inducted into the Skill QUEST Alumni Association.

Skill QUEST has been designated a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity by the United States Internal Revenue Service, and contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Consult your tax professional for details of how this might affect you and your taxes. For a copy of the IRS designation letter, please CLICK HERE.

While awaiting IRS designation, Skill QUEST has operated under the financial auspices and supervision of Project QUEST, Inc. and the Interfaith Education Fund, Inc, both 501(c)(3) designated Texas registered nonprofit corporations.

Skill QUEST staff and management is an energetic team with a wealth of knowledge in nonprofit operations from diverse cultural, educational, and experiential backgrounds.



Job training classes are delivered through the faculty and resources of Dallas County and Collin County community colleges.

Volunteers from DAI congregations serve as mentors, tutors, and alumni coordinators, and assist in VIP sessions. Community volunteers such as Dallas North Bank and Attitudes & Attire lead some of the weekly support sessions.




Skill QUEST: Long Term Training Equals Economic DevelopmentTo download a PowerPoint presentation about the Economic Development component of Skill QUEST's program, please CLICK HERE. To download the presentation in PDF file format, CLICK HERE.