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What Skill QUEST Offers

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Available Programs

Skill QUEST sponsors students in high demand such as medical, construction, IT, logistics, paralegal, auto body repair and mechanic. Skill QUEST is able to sponsor students for advanced certificates or associate degrees.

New applications will be accepted after January 05,2018.

Basic Qualifying Criteria
1. Current earned income for applicant or a person who claims the applicant for tax reporting is 125% of the federal poverty
index or lower.
2. Above 18 years of age
3. Legal resident of the U.S.
4. Speaks English well enough to function in college
5. Health sufficient to endure a rigorous training schedule and physical requirements.
6. No disqualifying criminal offenses.
7. A very strong determination to complete successfully the training program selected.

What educational programs are sponsored by Skill Quest?
We only sponsor educational programs through Dallas County Community College District or Collin College. Below are some of the programs that we currently sponsored.
As funding each semester permits, Skill QUEST supports a training plan for each participant that includes -as determined for each participant- assistance with tuition, books, supplies, uniforms, and equipment, required on-line testing, licensing testing, transportation, child care, and emergency assistance with housing and utility payments.

Computer/Information Technology
Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD), Computer Graphics, Computer Information Technology, Digital Media Technology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technology, CISCO Academy, Computer Information Technology (CIT), Microsoft Academy, Network Administrator, Network Programming

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology, Green Building – Commercial (Commercial Building Energy Performance Technology), Green Building – Residential (Residential Building Performance Technology)

Biotechnology, Cardiac Sonography, Dental Hygiene, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Paramedic, Invasive Cardiovascular Tech, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Medical Lab Tech, Nuclear Medicine,Registered Nurse (RN), Polysomnographic Technology, Radiologic Sciences, Respiratory Care Program, Surgical Technologist

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
Auto Body Tech, Automotive Technologist, Automotive Technology – Diesel and Heavy Equipment, Engine Tech, Welding Tech

Application Steps for either program
1. Call our office to speak with a career counselor and verify that you qualify for our program. Our counselor will email you our latest application.
2. Review the application to learn the information and documents required.
3. While gathering the documents, enroll in a Dallas or Collin County Community College campus, including completing the state assessment instrument if you are not already enrolled and visit with an admission counselor to determine a degree or certificate plan.
4. If you have not already completed a Financial Assistance application form (FAFSA), complete one immediately.
5. If you are applying for a Health Care field,
make certain you have or begin the sequence of all required immunizations which can be found on the community college website.
6. Call 214-421-3555 for questions about completing the application or about the required documents or tests
7. Bring a check or money order payable to Skill QUEST for $19.99 to complete a national background check.
8. When you have steps 1-6 completed, call 214-421-3555 to ask for an appointment to meet with a career counselor.
7. Keep your appointment with your career counselor, bringing the completed application,your $19.99 check or money order, and all required documentation.
Your career counselor and you will be able to determine if Skill QUEST program is a good fit at this point in your life.
8. If all is in order, the career counselor will set an appointment with the Director of Participant Services for a final interview to determine acceptance.

College is possible. Click on the link below to listen to LaVictor's story.

SkillQUESTLaVictor'sStory from Trevor Lampkin on YouTube.

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