Student Stories

Listen to some of our May 2017 graduates who are now employed thanks to Skill QUEST on Vimeo.

We are especially appreciative of our students who have allowed us to share their stories with you. We hope they will resonate with you as they have with our staff, volunteers and supporters.

SheDarrylle Davis

I really thought Skill QUEST was too good to be true. From tuition, to books, to uniforms... they took care of everything. Keeping up with my studying and assignments was stressful enough and Skill QUEST gave me piece of mind by eliminating my financial worries.

I was able to keep my financial aid and this too helped me take care of my other financial responsibilities like caring for my children and paying my bills. I have since then graduated with an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing Degree from El Centro College.

I worked as a CNA making $11.71 an hour and now I’m a Registered Nurse making double what I made an hour at Parkland Hospital. I am always telling people my story and how Skill QUEST made it possible for a single mother of two to make her dreams come true! I am forever grateful for Skill QUEST.

Amber Childers

I realized I wanted to pursue nursing once I began caring for my ailing grandmother. With the support of my husband and encouraged by my 2 wonderful children, I was able to keep a 4.0 in El Centro College's Associate Degree Nursing program.

Skill QUEST covered my tuition, all licensing examinations, and even paid for membership fees for the National Student Nurses' Association so that I could have access to the educational resources, leadership opportunities, and career guidance that it offers.

I am now happy working at Health Care Arlington making over $20.00. Thank you Skill QUEST!

DeJuan Wooten

My name is DeJuan Wooten and I am a father of 2. I graduated in May 2016 from El Centro College as a Respiratory Care Tech. I am excited to start working at Baylor Medical Center in Downtown Dallas in August 2016.

I am a proud Skill QUEST graduate because Skill QUEST made me realize that I was not struggling alone. Play the video to hear my Skill QUEST story.

De Juan Wooten from Samanda Gronstal on Vimeo.

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