Third Party Scholarships

The following third party scholarships are available for your application.

Minnie K. Patton Scholarship: Generic Scholarship with no GPA requirement and applicable to any DCCCD college

Joe Lucky Memorial Gold Tournament (JLMGT), Inc. DCCCD, Richland College

Mary C. Kirk Nursing Scholarship. DCCCD, Brookhaven and El Centrol colleges

Linda Nevius Groves Scholarship, Accounting. DCCCD, any campus

Jerry Junkins Construction Management Scholarship. DCCCD, Tarrant County Community Colleges, & State Universities

Featured Scholarship: Kramp Encouragement Scholarship. DCCCD, any campus

EFC Gulf States Toyota Automotive Technology T-TEN Diversity Scholarship. DCCCD, Eastfield Collect

Yale Griffis Foundation Scholarship. DCCCD, El Centro College

Tabitha Gilbert Pitman Sonography Scholarship. DCCCD, El Centro College

Lois L. Toler Assocaite Degree Nurshing Schjolarship. DCCCD, E Centro College

Dye Foundation Nursing Endowed Scholarship. DCCCD, Bookhaven or El Centro colleges

DCCCD Scholarship Foundation Application. DCCCD

Bill and Mary Mitchell Scholarship. DCCCD, any college

Eastfield College Academy of Science and Technology Scholarship. DCCCD, Eastfiled College

LeCroy Scholars Program, any DCCCD college

LeCroy Scholars Program Application, any DCCCD college

Executive Women International Adult Students in Scholastic Transition Scholarship Program. Dallas Chapter