VIP Topics and Handouts

QUESTers at the MLK Center.
Skill QUEST students after attending VIP session at the Martin Luther King Center, El Centro, and Northlake.

The following VIP materials and handouts, arranged generally in reverse chronological order with the most recent at the top, are available for viewing or download. Either "Left Click" any link below to view it according to your browser's setting, or "Right Click" and save to your local computer for viewing offline. Most files are in Adobe Acrobat file format unless otherwise noted, and a free Acrobat Reader app is available at

Fall 2016

To download our Fall 2016 VIP schedule, please CLICK HERE

Week of 11/07/2016

Setting Financial Goals II

Week of 10/31/2016

Financial Recovery

Week of 10/24/2016

Loan to Own

Week of 10/17/2016

Loans 101

Week of 10/10/2016

Repair Your Credit

Week of 10/03/2016

Pay Yourself First

Week of 09/26/2016

Money Matters

Week of 09/19/2016

Credit Done Right

Week of 09/12/2016

Borrowing Basics

Week of 09/05/2016

Why does banking matter?

Week of 08/29/2016

Getting Organized

QUESTers at El Centro.
Skill QUEST students after attending a VIP session at El Centro College.